About EPPMSoft.com

The EPPMSoft.com is owned by EPPMSoft Inc., which was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in June,2006. The primarily goal of the EPPMSoft.com is to provide technical support for Oracle Primavera software series, including Oracle Primavera P6, Oracle Primavera Contract Mamangement, Primavera Risk Analysis, etc. We also provide Primavera related product support, such as P6 Compression Server, Oracle Weblogic, JBoss, Oracle Database server, MS SQL Server. We've already been in the business of Oracle Primavera support for over 20 years since Primavera P3, our services include installing, troubleshooting, fixing, migrating, and upgrading Primavera P6, and migration service helps you to change Primavera database from Oracle to MS SQL Server, vice versa.

We can work remotely with you to reduce the cost, using Remote Desktop Connections, WebEx, GotoMeeting, Teamviewer, or Skype. We can also work onsite with you on demand.

We provide hosting solutions for Oracle Primavera. To cut down the cost of Primavera hosting, We typically host Primavera P6 on the cloud like Azure, Amazon, or Oracle, so that users can access Primavera conveniently from anywhere where Internet access is available.

While Oracle Primavera support is our primary business, we also actively develop software for our clients. Here are the list of our in-house developed products:
  • RMPOS Restaurant POS

    For restaurant owners to manage their daily orders, sales reports, check online takeout or delivery orders and notify online orders.

  • CyberPOS Restaurant POS with mobile device support

    Support mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Windows Phones for placing orders inside the restaurant and online orders. there is no need of app download, installation or configuration required for mobile devices. CyberPOS uses the same database as RMPOS, but it's based on the HTML5 based browsers.

  • Primavera P6 Database Tool

    Users can use Primavera P6 Database Tool to fix most common Primavera errors, such as event code error, duplicated default calendars, reset user preferences. Users can import or export Primavera project codes, resource codes, activity codes, EPS, OBS, WBS. Primavera P6 Database Tool can be used to migrate your P6 projects from Oracle to MS SQL Server, or from SQLite to MS SQL Server, or from high version of P6 to lower version of P6.

  • P6 Administration Tool (P6 Admin Tool)

    P6 Admin Tool is a MS Project to P6 converter, or P6 to MS Project converter. P6 Admin Tool can import activities or resources from P6 XER file or P6 Excel file.

  • VAPortal Windows Application Web Publisher

    Alternative to Citrix, VAPortal can port your Windows Applications to the web, then users can run Windows Applictions remotely using their mobile devices or Apple Macs computers, support iphones, ipads, Android phones, and no installation or configuration required.

About EPPMSoft