EPPMSoft Software Product List

A0001  RMPOS Restaurant Management

Simple, yet an effective POS designed for restaurant management. With this software, you have everything you need to manage your restaurants. For example, catalog and menus, dine in, dine out, delivery, customer data, floor layout, cash drawer control, online orders and reservation, and sale reports. This software can work standalone, or in a network, multi-users environment, and support all brands of receipt printers. It is also capable of replicating data to a centralized server if you have multiple locations for easy management and report. Free download trial available!

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A0002  Primavera Database Tool

Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM), or P6, is very popular in the construction, engineering, oil and gas, and utility sectors for planning, scheduling, and cost estimation. Primavera Database Tool offers the following tasks for project planners and schedulers:

  • P6 database backup and restoration
  • Repair database login error
  • Fix events codes error
  • Fix Primavera user already login user
  • Importing and exporting all project data
  • Mass copying projects from Primavera higher version to lower version (and vice versa), can be used in P6 migration
  • Import or export EPS, OBS, WBS, Project Codes, Activity Codes, Resource Code, Roles, and keep the their hierarchy
  • Check and clean up duplicated activity codes
  • Fix Update Baselines or Claim Digger running errors
  • Fix this common error: Primavera Background Jobs not running
  • Reset user login session parameters
  • Set default global calendar or fixation of duplicated calendars


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A0003  Primavera P6 Admin Tool

If you are using Primavera P6 R8.0 EPPM or a later version, but prefer P6 WIndows Power Client, you may feel the pain of lacking administration tasks such as creating users, setting global security profiles, project module access, creating EPS/OBS, etc. This admin tool enables you to complete P6 administrative tasks from a Windows PC without the need of web server. Other notable features include: import/export global activity codes/WBS/ timesheets, import/export activities, resources, and resource assignments from Excel or XER file,rebuild WBS hierarchy from importing activities, convert Microsoft Project to Primavera XER format file, convert Microsoft Project from .mpp format to .mpx format for data exchange, reset Primavera user passwords, recover Primavera database user password.

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A0005  VAPortal Application Web Publisher

This software allows publication of your Windows Application on your website for remote access. Benefits of this includes running the applications inside a corporate intranet, which can be configured to route all data traffic through port 443 with SSL and overcome firewall barrier. It is an excellent alternative to Citrix to consider. Based on Microsoft Terminal Services and IIS, it uses LDAP and Windows authentication while providing Active Directory management. For example, search users in LDAP, change user information including passwords in Active Directory, send instant messages to another LDAP user. It also provides bulletin for internal users to post messages and discussions. More features include online icon extraction, PDF creation, uploading and downloading files.

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A0006  Cyber Restaurant POS

Similar to RMPOS, CyberPOS provides all functions for restaurant business. For example, it can set up product catalog/categories, menu items, combo menus, online orders, add orders, payment, daily sale reports.More important , CyperPOS is a web based application which supports mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones, or any tablets, and built-in restaurant website.

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